Story Boxes & Backpacks

story-boxesWe have a wide variety of Story Boxes for you to check out at the library. Each of these boxes are filled with books, videos, and toys on a specific subject. Click the Story Box titles below to see the contents of each box. You can check out each box for 3 weeks and you can even interlibrary loan these boxes. Some of the other libraries in the system have boxes as well ask a librarian for help finding information about those boxes.

Careers/Community Helpers


  • I Like Computers: What Can I Be? Muriel L. Dubois
  • I Like Music: What can I Be? Muriel L. Dubois
  • I Like Sports: What Can I Be? Muriel L. Dubois
  • Mr. Duvall Reports the News; Jill D. Duvall
  • Ms. Davison, Our Librarian; Alice K. Flanagan
  • Here Comes Mr. Eventoff with the Mail!; Alice K. Flanagan
  • Ms. Murphy Fights Fires; Alice K. Flanagan
  • Officer Brown Keeps Neighborhoods Safe; Alice K. Flanagan
  • Mr. Yee Fixes Cars; Alice K. Flanagan
  • Ambulances; Marcia S. Freeman
  • Fire! Fire!; Gail Gibbons
  • I Want to Be: An Astronaut; Stephanie Maze
  • I Want to Be: A Chef; Stephanie Maze
  • I Want to Be: An Engineer; Stephanie Maze
  • I Want to Be: An Environmentalist; Stephanie Maze
  • I Want to Be: A Veterinarian; Stephanie Maze
  • Doctors; Dee Ready
  • Nurses; Dee Ready
  • Play it Safe
  • Elizabeth Blackwell; First Woman Doctor
  • The Career Game pamphlet

7 hand puppets – 2 fireman, mailman, 2 policeman, 2 doctors


  • City wooden puzzle
  • Librarian wooden puzzle
  • Mechanic wooden puzzle
  • Reporter wooden puzzle
  • Town wooden puzzle



  • Up, Down, and Around; Katherine Ayres
  • Big Red Barn; Margaret Wise Brown
  • Giggle, Giggle, Quack; Doreen Cronin
  • Duck for President; Doreen Cronin
  • Drive a Tractor; DK Publishing
  • Muncha, Muncha, Muncha; Candace Fleming
  • Farming; Gail Gibbons
  • Sounds of the Farm (Big Book) (incl. Teacher’s Guide);Kari Jenson Gold
  • Down on Casey’s Farm; Sandra Jordan
  • I Love Animals (Big Book); Flora McDonnell
  • The Cow That Went Oink (Big Book); Bernard Most
  • Farmer McFee (Big Book) (incl. Teaching Guide); Pam Miller
  • On Grandpa’s Farm; Vivian Sathre
  • This is the Farmer; Nancy Tafuri
  • Helping Your Child; Learn Science (pamphlet)
  • Careful Country activity book
  • Pat Visits the Farm activity book

Farm wooden puzzle
Canvas Farm Bag-contents include:
1 red flannel farm barn
4 finger puppets (1 lamb, 1 girl, 1 boy, 1 pig)

  • Dairy Farming For Kids
  • Farming For Kids
  • Fresh From The Family Farm
  • Lets Go To The Farm With Mac Parker

Great Hospital Adventure

5 Medical Occupation puppets


  • 5 Stethoscopes
  • 1 Cloth Wrist Band
  • 2 Plastic Wrist Bands
  • 2 Thermometers
  • 1 Blood Pressure Cuff
  • 2 Syringes
  • 1 Pair of Tweezers
  • 1 Pair of Scissors
  • 1 Tray
  • 1 Knife
  • 1Hammer
  • 1 Clamp
  • 1 Band Aid
  • 1 Pair Crutches
  • Clothes for puppets

Book/Video-Great Hospital Adventure training video






Healthy Hands


  • Ingenious Genes; Microexplorers; Patrick Baeuerle
  • How Y Makes the Guy; Microexplorers; Patrick Baeuerle
  • The Cell Works; Microexplorers; Patrick Baeuerle
  • Germs Make Me Sick; Melvin Berger
  • Supplemental Posters (12)


  • Activity Binder
  • Black Light
  • Germs, Grime and Grungies Slide Show (4 strips)
  • Glo Germ liquid
  • Glo Germ powder
  • Invesitgator Slide Viewer
  • Masters for puppet craft and 2 samples

Infection board game: Gameboard/Instructions, Organ Cards (12), Transplant Cards (12), First Aid Cards (24, blue), Office Visit Cards (20, green), Other Cards (9), Patient Tokens (48), Doctor’s Manual, Dice (2)/ Pawns (4)

Medical Monopoly board game: Gameboard/Instructions, Organ Cards (12), Transplant Cards (12), First Aid Cards (24, blue), Office Visit Cards (20, green), Other Cards (9), Patient Tokens (48), Doctor’s Manual, Dice (2)/ Pawns (4)

If You Were a Penguin


  • Watch Me Grow: Penguin; Lisa Magloff
  • If You Were a Penguin (4 copies); Wendell & Florence Minor
  • And Tango Makes Three; Justin Richardson
  • Antartic Antics; Judy Sierra
  • Penguins; Alice Twine

Big Emperor Penguin Puppet
Small Emperor Penguin Puppet


  • Map of the world
  • Can-Do-Roo game (93 chips)
  • Sound box (12 boxes)
  • Mommy & me floor puzzle (26 pieces)
  • Pengoloo game
  • Wooden penguin puzzle
  • Penguin pick up card game
  • Big yellow tape measure
  • Inflatable topographical globe
  • 12 plastic penguins
  • 6 plastic whales
  • 2 wooden icebergs
  • Measuring cup
  • 2 My lil reminder
  • 1 Thermometers

Touch and feel
-Styrofoam peanuts
Activity guide

Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles Binder
Look Mom…No Cavities curriculum binder
Look Mom…No Cavities book
Oral Care Adventure pamphlets
My Dentist, My Friend; P.K. Hallinan
Staying Healthy; Dental Care; Alice McGinty


  • Dog Puppet
  • 2 Large Dental Mirrors
  • 2 Large Toothbrushes
  • Set of Oversized Teeth
  • 6 packs of Crayoa Twistables
  • Dion Goes to the Dentist video
  • Dion Goes to the Dentist DVD
  • Look Mom…No Cavities video
  • Look Mom…No Cavities DVD
  • Masking Tape
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Black and white Craft Smiles
  • Tube toothpaste

Seasonal: Spring


  • Flower Garden; Eve Bunting
  • The Reasons for Seasons; Gail Gibbons
  • How Do You Know It’s Spring?; Allan Fowler
  • Windy Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Rainy Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Feathers for Lunch (Big Book); Lois Ehlert
  • Planting a Rainbow (Big Book); Lois Ehlert
  • Come Into My Garden (Big Book); Cynthia Rothman
  • The Seed Song (Big Book); Judy Saksie
  • What Happened (Big Book); Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Windy Day wooden Day

Canvas Garden Bag
Flowerpot puppets (2)
Bunny (1)
Birds (4) cardinal, bluejay, woodpecker, oriole

Animal Antics – Spring
Discovering the Seasons

Seasonal: Summer


  • Flower Garden (Big Book); Eve Bunting
  • Sunflower House; Eve Bunting
  • Cloudy Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Hot Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Sunny Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Jack’s Garden; Henry Cole
  • Growing Vegetable Soup (also incl. laminated idea sheet); Lois Ehlert
  • Vegetable Garden; Douglas Florian
  • How Do Birds Find Their Way?; Roma Gans
  • The Reasons for Seasons; Gail Gibbons
  • The Garden of Happiness; Barbara Lambase
  • Come into my garden; Teachers Guide

Wooden Garden Game (also incl. instruction sheet)
Brain Quest

Hot Day at the Beach

Seasonal: Fall


  • Dappled Apples; Jan Carr
  • Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf; Lois Ehlert
  • The Apple Pie Tree; Zoe Hall
  • When Autumn Comes; Robert Maas
  • Why Do Leaves Change Color; Betsy Maestro
  • Pumpkin Pumpkin; Jeanne Titherington
  • Scarecrow; Cynthia Rylant
  • We’re going on a leaf hunt; Steve Metzger
  • Clifford’s first autumn; Norman Bridwell
  • Apple picking time; Michele Slawson

Foam Pattern Blocks (49)
Search & Find Alphabet Bag
Alphabet Magnetic Chalk/ Dry Erase Board (chalk, marker, eraser)

Rainy Day

Apple Farming

Seasonal: Winter


  • Cold Days (mini Welcome Book); Jennifer S. Burke
  • Snowballs; Lois Ehlert
  • How Do You Know It’s Winter?; Allan Fowler
  • The Jacket I Wear in the Snow; Shirley Neitzel
  • Snip, Snip…Snow!; Nancy Poydar
  • The First Snowfall; Anne & Harlow Rockwell
  • A Splendid Friend Indeed; Suzanne Bloom
  • Polar Bear; Jacqueline Cotton
  • Sweet dreams, polar bear; Mindy Dwyer
  • A Splendid Friend Indeed (Big Book); Suzanne Bloom
  • Round and Round the Seasons Go (Big Book); Williams, Rozanne Lanczak
  • What’s the Weather Like Today? (Big Book); Williams, Rozanne Lanczak

Animal Antics – Winter


  • Wooden Bear
  • Wooden Goose
  • Every Young Child banner
  • Activity Guide
  • Singin in My Heart CD
  • 2 stuffed geese
  • 1 Bear puppet
  • Small Quilt

Special Needs


  • First Grade Can Wait; Lorraine Aseltine
  • Someone Special, Just Like You; Tricia Brown
  • Howie Helps Himself; Joan Fassler
  • Rolling Along: The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair; Jamee Riggio Heelan
  • Goodbye Rune; Marit Kaldhol and Oyen, Wenche
  • Kathy’s Hats, a Story of Hope; Trudy Krisher
  • Looking Out for Sarah; Sarah Lang
  • Nick Joins In; Joe Lasker
  • A Button in Her Ear; Ada B. Litchfield
  • A Cane in Her Hand; Ada B. Litchfield
  • The Lion Who Had Asthma; Jonathan London
  • Special People, Special Ways; Arlene Maguire
  • Rolling Along With Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Cindy Meyers
  • Moses goes to a Concert; Isaac Millman
  • Where’s Chimpy?; Berniece Rabe
  • The Handmade Alphabet; Rankin, Laura
  • Let’s Talk About It: Extraordinary Friends; Rogers, Fred
  • Promises; Elizabeth Winthrop
  • All the Better to See You With!; Margaret Wild



Stop Snoring, Bernard!


  • Stop snoring, Bernard!
  • Stop snoring, Bernard! (big book)
  • Do unto otters: a book about manners; Laurie Keller
  • Otter on his own: the story of a sea otter; Don Boyle
  • The sea of sleep; Warren Hanson
  • Wild about books; Judy Sierra
  • Fun with hand shadows
  • River otter at autumn lane; Gates Glavin
  • 2012 Activity guide


  • Early Learning Photo Activity Cards: World Animals (8 photo cards)
  • Finger puppets 5 (Folkmanis): elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, and bat
  • Sea otter hand puppet
  • Plastic toy animals 5: otter, alligator, elephant, bat, and giraffe
  • Wooden baby zoo animals stamp set includes: inkpad, wooden case, and 8 mini wooden stamps
  • Crayola Digital Camcorder includes: camcorder, disc, manual, 2 cords
  • Bernard custom wooden stamp with large stamp pad
  • Animal band music kit: frog castanet, 2 ladybug maracas, zebra clapper, green fish noise maker
  • Ask Away Icebreaker game 50 cards, 1 instruction card
  • Bernard giant floor zoo maze
  • Body Poetry: Animal Action Cards: 4 teacher guide sheets, 12 paw print sheets for copying, and 16 laminate animal cards (5 red, 5 green, and 6 yellow)
  • Giraffalaff Limbo
  • Flashlight
  • Zoominoes: 28 dominoes
  • Zoo sound puzzle
  • Gone Fishing game: instruction sheet, 4 fishing poles, 21 plastic fish, 2AA batteries
  • Sleep mask
  • Animal Sounds: hear and go seek: CD, instructions, 12 cards, 20 chips

Up Down and Around


  • Up Down and Around (3 copies); Katherine Ayres
  • City Green DiSalvo; Dyanne Ryan
  • Eating the Alphabet; Lois Ehlert
  • Kids Garden; Avery Hart
  • Composting: Nature’s Recyclers; Robin Koontz
  • From Kernal to Corncob; Ellen Weiss

Up Down and Around Big Book; Katherine Ayres
Activity guide


  • Smart and Tasty 1 CD
  • The Giant Carrot CD and 8 Felt pieces
  • Big Eye Magnifier
  • Stamp Pad-Teal
  • Stamp Pad-Aqua
  • Fun to Pretend Dishes (25)
  • Dragonfly Picnic Blanket
  • Garden Apron
  • Garden set –shovel and rake
  • Watering Can
  • Organic Plush Vegetables Tomato, Carrot, Mushroom, Beans
  • Pull Along Snail
  • Speedy Eddy Game
  • In The Garden Story Puzzle (12 pieces)
  • Haba Little Garden Pegging Game (25 pieces)
  • Insects Floor Puzzle
  • Folkmais Puppets

Whose Shoes


  • Whose shoes? A shoe for every job
  • Red, yellow lace: Learn to tie your shoes
  • The zoo’s shoes


  • Animal prints stamp set: 18 rubber stamps, 1 ink pad
  • Animal tracks game: 48 cards, instructions
  • Community helpers & careers flash cards: 2 activity cards, 54 helper and tool cards
  • Countries of the World write-a-Mat
  • Doodlebops superstar dance mat: dance consol, 4 dance mats
  • Feet by the foot (1 pair)
  • Footer- family measuring tool
  • It’s a pair memory game: 32 cards
  • Kids digital camera
  • Wooden lacing sneaker
  • One, two tie my shoe: 4 foam shoes with laces, shoe lacing card
  • Rubber horse shoe game: 2 green horse shoes, 2 red horse shoes, 2 black stands, 2 red pins
  • Sock monkey finger puppets (2) and theater
  • When I grow up alphabet puzzle (37 pieces)
  • Pair of Fun Shoes: snowshoes
  • Joey: Magnetic Pretend Play set: Joey, wooden stand
  • Construction worker: hard hat, top, bottoms
  • Fireman: fire hat, top, bottoms, black boots
  • Police officer: police hat, top, bottoms
  • Pirate: pirate hat, top, bottoms, brown boots
  • Knight: helmet, top, bottoms, silver boots
  • Superhero: goggles, top, bottoms, blue boots


backpack-boardWe have a wide variety of Backpacks for you to check out at the library. Each of these are filled with books, videos, and toys on a specific subject. Click the titles below for a list of contents of each Backpack. You can check out each Backpack for 3 weeks and you can even interlibrary loan these Backpacks. Some of the other libraries in the Bradford County Library System have Backpacks

Backpack #2 Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs; Byron Barton (board)
  • If the Dinosaurs Came Back; Bernard Most (paper)
  • Triceratops; DK (board)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex; DK (board)


  • Brontosaurus Puzzle
  • Stegosaurus Puzzle
  • Plastic Dino Toys (11)
  • Dinosaurs Dominoes (28)

Backpack #3 Many Children, Many Lands

  • Bread, bread, bread; Ann Morris
  • Houses and homes; Ann Morris
  • Loving; Ann Morris
  • Children just like me; DK, Unicef
  • I am the world; Charles Smith Jr.


  • White boy doll
  • Latino boy doll
  • Asian girl doll
  • Black girl doll
  • Latino bendable family
  • Children of the world puzzle
  • Children’s songs around the world (cassette)

Backpack #4 Ducks

  • A New Duck; Pamela Hickman
  • The Beautiful Duckling; Charlsie Austin Parks
  • Make Way for Ducklings; Robert McCloskey


  • Brown mallard duck puppet

Backpack #5 Chipmunks

  • Chipmunks; Patricia Whitehouse (paper)
  • How a chipmunk got his stripes; Joseph & James Bruchac (paper)
  • Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane- Victoria Sherrow
  • Lost in the Woods- Carl Sams II

Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane (cassette)
Soft bunny house toy includes: table, bed, sofa, spider finger puppet, mice finger puppets (2), grey squirrel finger puppet, brown rabbit finger puppet, owl finger puppet, and hollow tree

Backpack #10 Beaver

  • Little beaver and the echo; Amy MacDonald (paper)
  • Beaver at long pond; William T. George (paper)
  • Building Beavers; Kathleen Martin-James


  • Beaver puppet
  • Green bag of building logs (24)

Backpack # 11 Under the Sea
Rainbow Fish; Marcus Pfister

  • Blue fish puppet
  • Sea life finger puppets (5)
  • Sea Life plastic toys (6)
  • Sand Dollar
  • Seashells (6)
  • Tiger Cowries shell
  • Mountain Land shell
  • Donkey Ear/polished pearl abalones shell
  • Pink murex shell

Backpack #14 Science

  • Time & Space; DK Eyewitness
  • Invention; DK Eyewitness
  • Penny Lee and her TV; Glenn McCoy
  • Helping your child learn science (pamphlet)

Backpack #15 Transportation

  • Inside Freight Train; Donald Crews
  • Emergency; Gail Gibbons
  • Trains; Gail Gibbons
  • Subways; Allison Lassieur
  • Taxis; Allison Lassieur
  • Big Book of Cars; Trevor Lord
  • Motorcycles; Jennifer Corr Morse
  • Big Book of Trains; National Railway Museum
  • Airplanes; Lola M. Schaefer


  • Train wooden puzzle
  • Taxi wooden puzzle
  • Airplane wooden puzzle
  • Ferry Boat wooden puzzle
  • Bus wooden puzzle
  • Airport wooden puzzle
  • Train Station wooden puzzle

Backpack #16 Human Body

  • Five senses; Theme Mates
  • Magic School Bus: Search for the missing bones
  • Human body for every kid; Janice VanCleave
  • Skeleton inside you (2); Philip Balestrino
  • Jessica’s x-ray; Pat Zonta
  • Sleep is for everyone; Paul Showers
  • The human body; Hayes
  • Smithsonian: the human body; Seymour Simon
  • The heart; Seymour Simon
  • Dem bones; Bob Barner
  • The amazing human machine; Lori Froeb 6 see-through cards hardcover
  • My first body book; DK
  • Guide to the human body; Richard Walker DK


  • Anatomy apron (8 organs)
  • Human body field guide (spin cards)
  • Procedures in radiology packet
  • Magic School Bus: Inside the human body; Joanna Cole

Backpack #17 Fire Safety

  • Dot the Fire Dog; Lisa Desimini
  • I Am Fire; Jean Marzollo
  • The Fire Station; Robert Munsch
  • Crawl Low Under Smoke; Lucia Raatma
  • Home Fire Drills; Lucia Raatma
  • Safety Around Fire; Lucia Raatma
  • Smoke Alarms; Lucia Raatma
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll; Lucia Raatma
  • No Dragons for Tea; Jean Pendziwol


  • Alert-all activity pad
  • Today’s Heroes activity pad

Backpack #18 Magic

  • Card Tricks; Joe Fullman
  • Coin and Rope Tricks; Joe Fullman
  • Mind Tricks; Joe Fullman
  • Sleight of Hand; Joe Fullman
  • The Magic Hat; Mem Fox


  • Rope
  • Deck of Cards

Backpack # 19 Dr. Seuss

  • One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
  • The cat in the hat
  • Are you my mother?
  • And to think I saw it on Mulberry St.
  • Green eggs and ham
  • Mr. Brown can moo, can you?

Backpack #20 Insects

  • Eye Openers Insects and Crawly Creatures
  • Feely Bugs
  • Grouchy Ladybug
  • Very Busy Spider


  • Insects, Bugs, and Squiggly Things cassette
  • Size sequence cards
  • Bugs floor puzzle
  • Bee Puppet
  • Praying Mantis Puppet
  • Spider Puppet
  • Brown cricket puppet
  • Ladybug puppet (2)
  • Fuzzy caterpillar
  • Plastic bee, plastic ladybug
  • Caterpillar/butterfly

Backpack #21 Butterfly/caterpillar

  • Charlie the Caterpillar; Dom DeLuise(paper)
  • See How they Grow; DK
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Eric Carle
  • Butterfly Metamorphous pamphlet


  • Foam Butterfly puzzle
  • Sequencing puzzle
  • Butterfly finger puppets (2)
  • Butterfly toys (15)
  • Hungry Caterpillar game

Backpack #22 Mice

  • Mice; Kevin Holmes
  • Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse; Lindsay Barrett George
  • Slim and Jim; Richard Egielski
  • Trunk Manual 2006
  • Activity Suggestions (folded sheet)


  • White mouse hand puppet
  • Mouse Matching Blocks
  • Cheesy Top (wooden spinning)
  • In, On, Under game
  • Orange touch/feel bag: Mini watering can, wooden flowering pot, silk flower, pine sprigs, wooden mushroom, walnut
  • Measuring Mice game
  • Everybody’s Gotta Have a Place CD

Backpack #23 Elf

  • Chippey’s great adventure; movie based ppr
  • The elf on the shelf; a Christmas tradition; Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell
  • The elf off the shelf; a Christmas tradition gone bad; Brendan O’Neill
  • The elf on the shelf; a birthday tradition; Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell
  • Elf help; Margie Palatini


  • An elf’s story DVD and Blu-ray
  • Plush elf toy
  • Birthday elf cupcake and hat outfit
  • Naughty or Nice board game
  • Elf on the shelf hide and seek game