Request an item for delivery by Bookmobile

Request an item for delivery by Bookmobile?

1. Check the Bookmobile Schedule here on our web site so you can make your request a generous week ahead.

2. Members of the library (card holders)

a) Look for the title in our Catalog.
b) Sign into your account (you will need your library card # and your 10 digit phone number.)
c) Place a hold on the book.

2. b. Borrowers who are not members

a) Contact us by phone or email.
b) We will need your name, phone number, the title and if possible the author.
Note: Sometimes we can track down a book based on your description of the story.

c) Books available through Inter Library loan will only be provided to card holders.

Note: All borrowers should consider the benefits of becoming a Bradford County Library card holder.

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