Bradford County Library Bookmobile

Bradford County Library Bookmobile

Bradford County Library Bookmobile

The Bookmobile. It can hold up to 1,500 books at a time. Coming soon to a location near you! The Bradford County Bookmobile brings the library to you.  It travels to locations throughout Bradford County.

All About the Bookmobile

Bookmobile service began in December, 1941, when Dawes Markwell established the Bradford County Library and Bookmobile. At that time, she emphasized the outreach service of the Bookmobile to the approximately thirty small rural schools in the area.

Today the Bookmobile reaches about fifty stations throughout Bradford County. Service is provided to day cares, nursing and personal care homes, and community stops at a variety of locations. Deposits of books are left at many of these stations for the convenience of readers until the next visit. A deposit station is a mini-library right in your own neighborhood.

Bookmobile stations and schedules are listed below: 2017 Bookmobile Schedule

Town Stop & Dates
Athens Athens Health & Rehabilitation Center:  November 8
Athens Bradford County Head Start (SAM):  November 9
Athens Chemung View Apartments: November 8
Athens Kozy Kastle: November 22
Athens Page Manor: October 25, December 27
Athens Valley Child Care:  October 25, December 27
Town Stop & Dates
Bentley Creek Arms Wide Open Day Care:  November 13
Bentley Creek Baptist Church:  November 13
Town Stop & Dates
Burlington Bradford County Manor:  November 28
Town Stop & Dates
Canton Canton Head Start: November 1
Canton Canton Senior Center: November 1
Canton Cedar Ridge Apartments: November 1
Canton McCallum Manor:  November 1
Canton Sherwood Personal Care Home:  November 1
Town Stop & Dates
East Smithfield The Commons:  November 13
Town Stop & Dates
Gillett First Citizens Community Bank: October 12, December 14
Town Stop & Dates
Granville Summit Granville Summit Post Office: October 16, December 18
Granville Summit Twin Oaks Personal Care Home: October 16, December 18
Town Stop & Dates
Le Raysville Bright Beginnings: October 11, December 13
Town Stop & Dates
Millerton / Mosherville First Citizens Community Bank: October 12, December 14
Town Stop & Dates
Monroeton Monroeton Library:  October 23, December 28
Monroeton SERVE & Northern Tier Counseling: October 23, December 11
Town Stop & Dates
New Albany New Albany Library:  October 2, December 28
Orwell Township NEB – Twyla Bullock’s Child Care:  October 11, December 13
Town Stop & Dates
Powell BLAST IU 17:  October 23, December 11
Rome Township Building:  October 5, December 7
Town Stop & Dates
Sayre Hopkins Commons 1 & 2: November 22
Sayre Keystone Manor: November 22
Sayre Lockhart Apartments: November 9
Sayre Sayre Library:  October 25, December 27
Sayre Valley Seniors Center: November 8
Town Stop & Dates
South Waverly South Waverly Borough Hall:  November 22
Stevensville Stevensville Post Office: October 11, December 13
Town Stop & Dates
Sugar Run Sugar Run Post Office:  October 11, December 13
Town Stop & Dates
Sylvania Sylvania Post Office:  November 27
Town Stop & Dates
Towanda Beacon Light – BLaST:  October 19, December 21
Towanda Colonial Towers:  October 2, December 11
Towanda Towanda Memorial Hospital: October 2, December 11
Towanda Oak Ridge Community:  October 19, December 21
Town Stop & Dates
Troy Allen F. Pierce Memorial Library:   November 16
Troy Leaps & Bounds:  November 27
Troy Reynolds Memorial Apartments: November 16
Troy Troy Senior Center / Hillcrest Apartments:   November 27
Troy Spire Nursery School: October 16, December 18
Troy Stepping Stones: November 27
Troy Troy Head Start AM & PM: November 16
Town Stop & Dates
Ulster Mather Memorial Library:  November 9
Town Stop & Dates
Warren Center Warren Center Post Office and Community Center:  October 18, November 15, December 20
Town Stop & Dates
Wells Township Municipal Office: October 12, December 14
Town Stop & Dates
Windham Center Municipal Office:  October 5, December 7
Town Stop & Dates
Wyalusing Wyalusing Children’s Center: November 2
Wyalusing Wyalusing Library:  October 11, December 6
Wyalusing Park Place Apartments:  November 22
Wyalusing Wyalusing Valley Retirement Home:   November 22
Town Stop & Dates
Wysox Wysox Children’s Center:  October 19, December 21
Wysox C&N Bank Parking Lot:  November 3, December 1

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