Campaign for a New Bookmobile

The County Library’s bookmobile has been operating since 1941.  We feel that the Bookmobile service is an integral function of promoting reading and literacy throughout Bradford County.  It is one of the roles of the County that benefits its citizens.

Our current vehicle is getting older and worn out.  We’re hoping to purchase a new vehicle in the near future.  But we need your help in describing the usefulness of this service to the County Commissioners.

What memories do you have of the bookmobile?  Did you use the bookmobile service growing up?  Do you use the bookmobile service now? How has the County Bookmobile service had an impact on your life?  We’d like to gather these experiences and present them to the County Commissioners, so they understand the needs of the people who use the valuable service the Bookmobile provides.

Please send your comments to or send them to me, Jeffrey Singer, Bradford County Library Director,


Your assistance with this project may benefit Bradford County residents for the next 20 years! Thank you.

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